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Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, learn the basics or one on one sessions for more advanced techniques, our experienced and friendly instructors have got you covered

space & equipment

Our MMA gym is kitted out with top notch Adidas equipment throughout, and you are able to hire or buy anything you need to ensure you can train like a pro while our instructors turn you into one! We provide you with whatever you may need for your session. Be it gloves, sparring pads, wraps, straps, we have it all. Would you rather buy your own gear? we sell brand new equipment too. Come and check us out!


Our classes are aimed at everyone from the total novice through to the seasoned pro, whether you want to attend a group class, book out a private session or simply use the space and equipment to train to your own rhythm, the choice is yours.

Our classes cover boxing, kick boxing and Muay-Thai and we are also running a ladies only session where we teach self defence basics.

Boxing Class

For Beginner and Advanced we start up with warm up and Cardio first. followed with basic boxing technique and footwork also bagwork and padwork for Beginner, and for Advanced will be working with some coordination drill, bagwork, and padwork for the session. Sparring are depends on the request for members.

Kick Boxing

For Beginner and Advanced start up with warm up, cardio and footwork. Followed with basic techniques and steps for beginner also padwork or bagwork, for advanced will be training Advanced Muay Thai / Kick Boxing Technique followed with coordination drill, focus training, and padwork/bagwork sparring are depends on request from members.